As an architect, your challenge to translate the desires of the client into a beautiful and functional space is a difficult task. Many diverse elements need to be considered in order for the end result to meet and exceed your client's wishes. Any oversight can tarnish the end result. EOC Audio's works with you and your client early in the design process, this helps us maximize the performance of your clients system, and allow the architect to maximize the aesthetics of the completed project. 

General Contractors

EOC Audio realizes the challenges for general contractors. We rise to the occasion with this with an unbeatable organization and scheduling. With the growing popularity of Home Theater, Media Rooms, Home Automation, and Lighting Control Systems, EOC Audio coordinate with architects, designers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors. EOC Audio's engineers produces detailed low-voltage wiring plans, which stands in contrast to many audio-video installers who don't think through the complex systems in advance.

Interior Designers

After many years of working with top Interior Designers, EOC Audio respects the talent brought to a project by transforming living spaces into something incredible. We realize that audio-video systems are challenging to integrate into a design space, we understand that your design space's aesthetics dictate how we will integrate the electronics within it. Many times the technology is completely hidden and only visible by the touch of a single button on a remote control.

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