Home Audio


EOC Audio's whole home audio systems deliver an unparalleled listening experience, with wired and wireless distributed audio solutions specially designed to create incredible fidelity. EOC Audio can put your existing audio library, along with Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and the latest streaming sources, at your fingertips. We offer variety and intuitive control. Easier to use, easier to enjoy, EOC Audio creates custom audio systems, designed to be the perfect fit for your home.

"EOC Audio installed a custom mounted sound bar, subwoofer, and wired in-wall speakers in my condo. Everything looks and sounds great. All wires are hidden from sight - very clean job. I plan to hire them again when I renovate my outdoor patio. Really good guys to work with."

The expectation of any homeowner installing a customized, multi-room entertainment system is universality, of the commonplace fact of perfect sound everywhere. As a full-service, concept-to-completion provider, EOC Audio will work with you from the start to identify and manage the particular quirks of your space and execute the design of your system accordingly. Ease of use and reliability are paramount.

With EOC Audio, you pick up your tablet or phone, press play, hear perfection. Simplicity in use without ever compromising the quality of sound.